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1. adjudicate, judge, try

put on trial or hear a case and sit as the judge at the trial of

Example Sentences:
'The football star was tried for the murder of his wife'
'The judge tried both father and son in separate trials'

2. adjudicate, decide, resolve, settle

bring to an end; settle conclusively

Example Sentences:
'The case was decided'
'The judge decided the case in favor of the plaintiff'
'The father adjudicated when the sons were quarreling over their inheritance'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of adjudicate
1. (when intr, usually foll by upon)
to give a decision (on), esp a formal or binding one
2. (intransitive)
to act as an adjudicator
3. (transitive) chess
to determine the likely result of (a game) by counting relative value of pieces, positional strength, etc
4. (intransitive)
to serve as a judge or arbiter, as in a competition

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see synonyms of adjudicate
verb transitiveWord forms: adˈjudiˌcated or adˈjudiˌcating
to hear and decide (a case); adjudge
verb intransitive
to serve as a judge (in or on a dispute or problem)

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see synonyms of adjudicate
v. ad·ju·di·cat·ed, ad·ju·di·cat·ing, ad·ju·di·cates
1. To make a decision (in a legal case or proceeding), as where a judge or arbitrator rules on some disputed issue or claim between the parties.
2. To study and settle (a dispute or conflict): The principal adjudicated the students' quarrel.
3. To act as a judge of (a contest or an aspect of a contest).
1. To make a decision in a legal case or proceeding: a judge adjudicating on land claims.
2. To study and settle a dispute or conflict.
3. To act as a judge of a contest.

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