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1. addled

(of eggs) no longer edible

Example Sentences:
'an addled egg'

2. addled, befuddled, muddled, muzzy, woolly, woolly-headed, wooly, wooly-minded

confused and vague; used especially of thinking

Example Sentences:
'muddleheaded ideas'
'your addled little brain'
'woolly thinking'
'woolly-headed ideas'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of addled
confused or muddled
He plays an addled, Kurt Cobain-like rock star.
She wore a sweet and slightly addled expression.
not working properly, making one confused or muddled
a charming former heroin addict with a slightly addled brain
3. old-fashioned

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see synonyms of addled
v. ad·dled, ad·dling, ad·dles
To cause (someone) to think unclearly; confuse: "My brain is a bit addled by whiskey" (Eugene O'Neill). See Synonyms at befuddle.
1. To become confused.
2. To become rotten, as an egg.

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