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Acutely pronunciation in English

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1. acutely

in an acute manner

Example Sentences:
'she pitied her sister acutely'
'acutely aware'

2. acutely

having a rapid onset

Example Sentences:
'an acutely debilitating virus'

3. acutely, sharp, sharply

changing suddenly in direction and degree

Example Sentences:
'the road twists sharply after the light'
'turn sharp left here'
'the visor was acutely peaked'
'her shoes had acutely pointed toes'

4. acutely, astutely, sagaciously, sapiently, shrewdly

in a shrewd manner

Example Sentences:
'he invested his fortune astutely'
'he was acutely insightful'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of acutely
a. Reacting readily to stimuli or impressions; sensitive: His hearing was unusually acute.
b. Keenly perceptive or discerning: an acute critic of music; a critic with acute judgment. See Synonyms at sharp.
2. Extremely sharp or severe; intense: acute pain; acute pleasure.
3. Of great importance or consequence; critical: an acute shortage of funds.
4. Medicine
a. Having a rapid onset and following a short but severe course: an acute disease.
b. Afflicted by a disease exhibiting a rapid onset followed by a short, severe course: acute patients.
5. High in pitch; shrill: an acute scream.
a. Narrowly pointed; sharp: an acute leaf.
b. Having an acute angle: an acute triangle.

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