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1. activator

(biology) any agency bringing about activation; a molecule that increases the activity of an enzyme or a protein that increases the production of a gene product in DNA transcription

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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a thing or person that activates
2.  Chemistry
a substance used to induce or accelerate a chemical reaction

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tr.v. ac·ti·vat·ed, ac·ti·vat·ing, ac·ti·vates
1. To set in motion; make active or more active.
2. To organize or create (a military unit, for example): activate the National Guard.
3. To treat (sewage) with aeration and bacteria to aid decomposition.
4. Chemistry To accelerate a reaction in, as by heat.
5. Physics To make (a substance) radioactive.
6. Biology To convert (a molecule or cell) into a form that carries out a specific action: activate an enzyme; activate B cells.

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