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1. acrostic, word square

a puzzle where you fill a square grid with words reading the same down as across

2. acrostic

verse in which certain letters such as the first in each line form a word or message

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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a number of lines of writing, such as a poem, certain letters of which form a word, proverb, etc. A single acrostic is formed by the initial letters of the lines, a double acrostic by the initial and final letters, and a triple acrostic by the initial, middle, and final letters
the word, proverb, etc, so formed
(as modifier)
an acrostic sonnet

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see synonyms of acrostic
a verse or arrangement of words in which certain letters in each line, such as the first or last, when taken in order spell out a word, motto, etc.
of or like an acrostic
: also aˈcrostical

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see synonyms of acrostic
1. A poem or series of lines in which certain letters, usually the first in each line, form a name, motto, or message when read in sequence.
3. A word puzzle in which the answers to several different clues form an anagram of a quotation, phrase, or other text.

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