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1. acres, demesne, estate, land, landed estate

extensive landed property (especially in the country) retained by the owner for his own use

Example Sentences:
'the family owned a large estate on Long Island'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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plural noun
land, esp a large area
a tour of the ancestral acres
The old railway terminus is flanked on either side by vast acres of industrial wilderness.
2. informal
a large amount
The papers devoted acres of space to the story.
You can't switch on the TV these days without seeing acres of female flesh.

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see synonyms of acres
1. A unit of area in the US Customary System, used in land and sea floor measurement and equal to 160 square rods, 4,840 square yards, or 43,560 square feet. See Table at measurement.
a. acres Property in the form of land; estate.
b. Archaic A field or plot of arable land.
3. often acres A wide expanse, as of land or other matter: "acres of textureless carpeting" (Anne Tyler).

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