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1. accredited, commissioned, licenced, licensed

given official approval to act

Example Sentences:
'an accredited college'
'commissioned broker'
'licensed pharmacist'
'authorized representative'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of accredited
1. diplomacy
appointed and having official credentials
fully accredited diplomats
2. education
certified or guaranteed as meeting required standards
an accredited college of Brunel University
officially recognized; sanctioned; authorized
an accredited list of suppliers

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see synonyms of accredited
tr.v. ac·cred·it·ed, ac·cred·it·ing, ac·cred·its
a. To ascribe or attribute (something) to someone: The invention of the lightning rod is accredited to Franklin.
b. To give credit to: the writer who is accredited with having written the piece.
a. To certify as meeting prescribed standards or requirements, as of a profession: a school that is accredited by the state's board of education.
b. To supply with credentials or authority, as of a government: accredit an envoy. See Synonyms at authorize.

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