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1. accredit, recognise, recognize

grant credentials to

Example Sentences:
'The Regents officially recognized the new educational institution'
'recognize an academic degree'

2. accredit

provide or send (envoys or embassadors) with official credentials

3. accredit, credit

ascribe an achievement to

Example Sentences:
'She was not properly credited in the program'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of accredit
verb (transitive)
to ascribe or attribute
to give official recognition to; sanction; authorize
to certify or guarantee as meeting required standards
4. (often foll by at or to)
to furnish or send (an envoy, etc) with official credentials
to appoint (someone) as an envoy, etc
5. New Zealand
to pass (a candidate) for university entrance on school recommendation without external examination
there are six accrediting schools in the area

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see synonyms of accredit
verb transitive
to bring into credit or favor
to authorize; give credentials to
an accredited representative
to believe in; take as true
to certify as meeting certain set standards
colleges may be accredited by regional associations
to attribute; credit
an action accredited to him

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see synonyms of accredit
tr.v. ac·cred·it·ed, ac·cred·it·ing, ac·cred·its
a. To ascribe or attribute (something) to someone: The invention of the lightning rod is accredited to Franklin.
b. To give credit to: the writer who is accredited with having written the piece.
a. To certify as meeting prescribed standards or requirements, as of a profession: a school that is accredited by the state's board of education.
b. To supply with credentials or authority, as of a government: accredit an envoy. See Synonyms at authorize.

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