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Account For

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1. account for

be the reason or explanation for

Example Sentences:
'The recession accounts for the slow retail business'

2. account for

give reasons for

Example Sentences:
'Can you account for all these absences?'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.

Account For

see synonyms of account for
verb (intr, preposition)
to give reasons for (an event, act, etc)
to make or provide a reckoning of (expenditure, payments, etc)
to be responsible for destroying, killing, or putting (people, aircraft, etc) out of action

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Account For

see synonyms of account for
1. A narrative or record of events.
a. A reason given for a particular action or event: What is the account for this loss?
b. A report relating to one's conduct: gave a satisfactory account of herself.
c. A basis or ground: no reason to worry on that account.
a. A formal banking, brokerage, or business relationship established to provide for regular services, dealings, and other financial transactions.
b. A precise list or enumeration of financial transactions.
c. A sum of money deposited for checking, savings, or brokerage use.
d. A customer having a business or credit relationship with a firm: salespeople visiting their accounts.
4. A private access to a computer system or online service, usually requiring a password to enter.
5. Worth, standing, or importance: a landowner of some account.
6. Profit or advantage: turned her writing skills to good account.
tr.v. ac·count·ed, ac·count·ing, ac·counts
To consider as being; deem. See Synonyms at consider. See Usage Note at as1.

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