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Define Accelerate in English

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Meaning of Accelerate in English

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Accelerate pronunciation in English

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see synonyms of accelerate


1. accelerate, quicken, speed, speed up

move faster

Example Sentences:
'The car accelerated'

2. accelerate, speed, speed up

cause to move faster

Example Sentences:
'He accelerated the car'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of accelerate
to go, occur, or cause to go or occur more quickly; speed up
2. (transitive)
to cause to happen sooner than expected
3. (transitive)
to increase the velocity of (a body, reaction, etc); cause acceleration

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see synonyms of accelerate
verb transitiveWord forms: acˈcelerˌated or acˈcelerˌating
to increase the speed of
to cause to develop or progress more quickly
3.  Physics
to cause a change in the velocity of (a moving body)
to cause to happen sooner
verb intransitive
to go, progress, or develop faster

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see synonyms of accelerate
v. ac·cel·er·at·ed, ac·cel·er·at·ing, ac·cel·er·ates
v. tr.
a. To increase the speed of: accelerated the engine. See Synonyms at speed.
b. Physics To change the velocity of.
2. To cause to occur sooner than expected: accelerated his retirement by a year.
3. To cause to develop or progress more quickly: a substance used to accelerate a fire.
a. To reduce the time required for (an academic course, for example); compress into a shorter period.
b. To make it possible for (a student) to finish an academic course faster than usual.
v. intr.
1. To move or act faster.
2. Physics To undergo a change in velocity.

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