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see synonyms of ablaze

1. ablaze, aflame, aroused

keenly excited (especially sexually) or indicating excitement

Example Sentences:
'his face all ablaze with excitement'
'he was aflame with desire'

2. ablaze, afire, aflame, aflare, alight, on fire

lighted up by or as by fire or flame

Example Sentences:
'forests set ablaze (or afire) by lightning'
'even the car's tires were aflame'
'a night aflare with fireworks'
'candles alight on the tables'
'houses on fire'

3. ablaze

resembling flame in brilliance or color

Example Sentences:
'maple trees ablaze in autumn'

4. ablaze, inflamed, reddened

lighted with red light as if with flames

Example Sentences:
'streets ablaze with lighted Christmas trees'
'the inflamed clouds at sunset'
'reddened faces around the campfire'

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see synonyms of ablaze
adjective, adverb (postpositive)
on fire; burning
brightly illuminated
emotionally aroused

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see synonyms of ablaze
on fire; burning brightly
blazing; flaming
greatly excited; eager

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see synonyms of ablaze
1. Being on fire: The house is ablaze.
2. Radiant with bright color: a maple tree ablaze in autumn.
3. Fervent or excited.

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