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1. ablation, cutting out, excision, extirpation

surgical removal of a body part or tissue

2. ablation

the erosive process that reduces the size of glaciers

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of ablation
the surgical removal of an organ, structure, or part
the melting or wearing away of an expendable part, such as the heat shield of a space re-entry vehicle on passing through the earth's atmosphere
the wearing away of a rock or glacier

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see synonyms of ablation
1. Surgical excision or amputation of a body part or tissue.
2. The erosive processes by which a glacier is reduced.
3. Aerospace
a. The dissipation of heat generated by atmospheric friction, especially in the atmospheric reentry of a spacecraft or missile, by means of a melting heat shield.
b. The reduction or removal of heat-protective surface material by aerodynamic friction, as from a heat shield.

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