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Abate pronunciation in English

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1. abate, slack, slake

make less active or intense

2. abate, die away, let up, slack, slack off

become less in amount or intensity

Example Sentences:
'The storm abated'
'The rain let up after a few hours'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of abate
to make or become less in amount, intensity, degree, etc
the storm has abated
2. (transitive) law
to remove, suppress, or terminate (a nuisance)
to suspend or extinguish (a claim or action)
to annul (a writ)
3. (intransitive) law
(of a writ, legal action, etc) to become null and void
4. (transitive)
to subtract or deduct, as part of a price

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see synonyms of abate
verb transitiveWord forms: aˈbated or aˈbating
to make less in amount, degree, force, etc.
to deduct
3.  Law
to put a stop to (a suit or action), end (a nuisance), etc.; terminate
verb intransitive
to become less in amount, degree, force, etc.; diminish

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see synonyms of abate
v. a·bat·ed, a·bat·ing, a·bates
1. To reduce in amount, degree, or intensity; lessen: a program to abate air pollution.
2. Law
a. To put an end to: The court ordered that the nuisance of the wrecked vehicle in the front yard be abated.
b. To make void: The judge abated the lawsuit.
c. To reduce for some period of time: The town abated the taxes on buildings of historical importance for three years.
1. To fall off in degree or intensity; subside: waiting for the rain to abate. See Synonyms at decrease.
2. Law
a. To become void.
b. To become reduced for a period of time.

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