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A Little

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1. a bit, a little, a trifle

to a small degree; somewhat

Example Sentences:
'it's a bit warm'
'felt a little better'
'a trifle smaller'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.

A Little

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a lot

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A Little

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very much; very

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A Little

see synonyms of a little
adj. lit·tler or less (lĕs) also less·er (lĕsər), lit·tlest or least (lēst)
a. Small in size: a little dining room.
b. Small in quantity or extent: a little money; a little work on the side. See Synonyms at small.
2. Short in extent or duration; brief: There is little time left.
3. Unimportant; trivial: a little matter.
4. Narrow; petty: mean little comments; a little mind consumed with trivia.
5. Having scant power or influence; of minor status: just a little clerk in the records office.
a. Being at an early stage of growth; young: a little child.
b. Younger or youngest. Used especially of a sibling: My little brother is leaving for college next week.
adv. less or lesser, least
1. Not much; scarcely: works long hours, sleeping little.
2. Not in the least; not at all: They little expected such a generous gift.
1. A small quantity or amount: Give me a little.
2. Something much less than all: I know little of their history.
3. A short distance or time: a little down the road; waited a little.

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